• PSAT Absentee Juniors

    Attention Juniors

    If you were absent for the SAT exam on Wednesday, April 5, you can test on June 3, 2017, as part of the weekend SAT administration. You need to sign into your College Board account to transfer your registration free of charge. You need to make this transfer and upload an acceptable photo no later than the late registration deadline of May 24, 2017 to ensure that you have a seat on test day.

    If you have any questions, please see Ms. Pecora in room 307.


    Ralph R. McKee Career & Technical Education High School (31R600)
  • After School Activities March Calendar

    Ralph R. McKee Career & Technical Education High School (31R600)
  • Senior Information

    Senior students are reminded of the following:

    • February 16, 2017 is senior photo re-take day from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    • February 17, 2017 senior dues must be paid in full - $145 cash or money order - no personal checks will be accepted
    • The senior trip is still in discussion

    Students can speak with Mrs. Pezzolo, Coordinator of Student Activities, for questions or further information.

    Ralph R. McKee Career & Technical Education High School (31R600)
  • Parent Information Forum

    Staten Island Federation of PTA’s

    District 31 President’s Council

    Staten Island High School President’s Council


    Parent Information Forum

    An Evening With 

    MaryEllen Elia

    New York State Commissioner of Education and

    President of the University of the State of New York 

    Wednesday, February 8, 2017

    6:30pm – 7:30pm

    (Sign-In At 6:00pm)

    at the

    Michael J. Petrides Complex

    Building ‘A’ Room 118

    715 Ocean Terrace

    Staten Island, New York 10301 

    A conversation about educational priorities that will

    ensure access to opportunity for all students 

    Issues and Concerns for all will be addressed.

    Don’t miss this excellent opportunity! 

    All Parents and Teachers are urged to attend!


    Ralph R. McKee Career & Technical Education High School (31R600)
  • PTA Survey

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    Dear McKee Parents, Thank you so much for attending the January PTA Meeting. Your participation is critical to the school community! At the meeting last week, Ms. Henry shared news of an opportunity for McKee to present a wish list to one of Staten Island’s elected officials. After discussion, the parents agreed that we would provide an opportunity for all parents to weigh-in with thoughts about short-term and long-term goals/objectives/additions to the school. We further agreed, that time would be allotted at the February 11th PTA meeting for discussion of ideas. The objective is to provide a cohesive list of short term and long term goals that Ms. Henry can incorporate with her own as well as those of teachers for presentation to the official. Below you will find a brief survey designed to capture your thoughts. Please complete it by February 3, 2016.



    Ralph R. McKee Career & Technical Education High School (31R600)


Learn More Here. Whether your dream is to someday design the most iconic building on Staten Island, to start your own business, to join Local 20, or to become the very first member of your family to graduate from college, you will learn more here at McKee, and with what you learn, no matter how big and bold your dreams, you can achieve anything.

Experience a Private School Environment. Blending carefully managed class sizes, passionate and committed faculty, spotless and spacious and secure school grounds, and highly sophisticated classroom technologies, McKee is as close to a private school learning environment as you can experience on Staten Island without actually enrolling in a private school.

Go to College. McKee provides you with the academic knowledge, study habits, onsite learning resources, self-discipline, and one-on-one guidance to not only prepare you for college – and to win scholarship dollars as you do – but to help you shine once you get there.

Start Your Career. Our faculty – experts in industry and born teachers – methodically work with students to equip them with the real-world skills and certifications to intern, apprentice, and eventually start a career in fields as diverse as engineering computer-aided drafting, construction technology, electrical design and installation, graphic arts advertising, automotive technology, and software engineering, giving you a head start few of your peers on Staten Island can even imagine.

Think for Yourself. Armed with the fundamentals they learn in the classroom and empowered by the skills they acquire outside of it, McKee students are self-confident, independent thinkers who leave our campus in the revitalized neighborhood of St. George ready to make their mark in college, industry, and life.

Be More Than A Number. Beginning with the first day of school, McKee’s faculty and staff will get to know you – we’ll know your name, where you’re from, what’s going on at home, how you learn best, where you struggle, your friends, the music you listen to, your hopes and dreams, and more – all of which means you’ll never be just a number at McKee . . . never.


We Engage. McKee faculty meaningfully engage each of their students as young people, not just students, because we understand that while teaching and testing are important to cultivating a young mind, truly knowing and appreciating a student from the inside-out is as fundamental to their individual development as anything that can be taught from a textbook.

We Inspire.  More than just authority figures who lecture from the front of a classroom, McKee faculty leverage their expertise, experience, passion, and personalities to inspire students to discover and embrace the successful learner/brother/sister/friend/leader/team mate/colleague/citizen lying within each of them.

We Nurture. McKee faculty proactively collaborate with one another to ensure every student has an advocate, a plan, and a future, as we recognize that sometimes the only thing between a life of achievement and one of frustration for a young person is a teacher that quietly – without fanfare – takes personal responsibility for an individual student’s success, and then gets them there.

We Look Ahead. McKee’s administration is continually exploring, evaluating, and implementing learning innovations, best practices, and local business partnerships to better position students of nearly all abilities for personal growth and academic and professional success.