At Ralph R. McKee we are proud to offer students many opportunities to enrich their academical portfolio. While at McKee students are encouraged to engage themselves not just in one, but multiple extracurricular activities. For each one offers a unique experience for them. Examples of what a student might encounter while at McKee can be found below.

McKee After School Activities Calendar

McKee High School offers its students a multitude of on-campus activities supported by the New York Center for Interpersonal Development.  Activities include, but are not limited to, Key Club, the Gay-Straight Alliance, basketball, video design and gaming, cooking, tutoring and homework help, etc.  Please click the link below for meeting times and further information.

Youth Career Connect

YCC is a federal government initiative that helps students find internships in order to enrich their portfolio, as well as offering many social events that engages students to network with the business world


March 2020 Newspaper Edition

Key Club

Key Club is a international society that encourages students to become leaders by helping others