Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School encourages pupils to excel through embracing the learning process. We at McKee High School believe that service dynamically enhances a student’s ability to be a citizen of the world. Students are required to donate their time and effort either to the school or to an outside organization.

To receive a McKee High School diploma, each student must meet the following minimum requirements:

40 HOURS of community service outside of the school and/or through in-school activities by the end of the 12th grade. This means you must complete 10 HOURS per school year.

  • Proof of these hours may be submitted in a letter on the letterhead from the outside organization.
  • Proof of participation in out-of-school or sanctioned school activities are at the discretion of the club adviser.Students can pick up the form for out-of-school or sanctioned school activities from room 307 OR from the McKee website under Community Service Opportunities. They should submit the form to room 307 to Ms. Messina. 
  • Points are earned in-school in the following ways:
    • 4 HOURS per term to all students in NHS, Student Government, Skills USA, PSAL teams
  • 3 HOURS per term to all students in student leadership, office squads, non-PSAL teams
  • 2 HOURS per term for participating in designated school events

Please Note: A club adviser, organizational representative, or coach has the right to give less than the maximum designated HOURS to a student if he or she did not fully participate in fulfilling the club / team / organization’s obligations.

Approved: Ms. S. Henry, Principal