Please review the dress policies from the attachment below.

In an effort to ensure your child’s success in mathematics, tutoring will be offered after school from April 23rd through June 7th and on the final two Saturdays before the exam (June 2nd & 9th).


Monday 2:35pm-4:05pm in Room 311

Tuesday 2:35pm-4:05pm in Room 311

Thursday 2:35pm-4:05pm in Room 311

Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm in Room 215


Tuesday 2:35pm-4:05pm in Room 219

Thursday 2:35pm-4:05pm in Room 219

Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm in Room 219



Tuesday 2:35pm-4:05pm in Room 224

Thursday 2:35pm-4:05pm in Room 224

   Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm in Room 224

Useful Links
A graphing calculator is an essential tool for all mathematics classes at McKee.  
CASIO fx-9750GII graphing calculators are made available to students for in-class activities, but it is highly recommended that students purchase their own.
Image result for casio fx-9750gii
Calculators can be purchase at the school store from outside locations such as Staples.
Summer assignments are available as of July 1st, 2017.  For information regarding logging in please see the links below. 
*All current students that were registered prior to Regent Examinations and did not receive a grade of above a 65 will be automatically switched to the appropriate assignment.
Faulty Link
J. Lambert – AP Mathematics, Security, Physical Education & Health
C. Bilotti – Mathematics teacher
K. Guddemi – Mathematics teacher
F. Marelli- Mathematics teacher
K. Patton – Mathematics teacher
M. Scotti – Mathematics teacher
C. Vesce – Mathematics teacher

In an effort to ensure your child’s continued success in mathematics, summer assignments have been created on the website   The summer assignment will count as 20% of the Fall 1st marking period grade.

Reference the chart below to decide which assignment you should sign-up for.

I haven’t taken the Algebra 1 Regents yet.


I’ve taken, but haven’t passed the Algebra 1 Regents yet.


I’ve taken and passed the Algebra 1 Regents.


I’ve taken, but haven’t passed the Geometry Regents yet.


I’ve taken and passed the Geometry Regents.


I’ve taken, but haven’t passed the Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents yet.


I’ve taken and passed the Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents.

Enjoy your summer.